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2 Emmy Awards

2 DGC Awards

26 Nominations



          Sound Editors Janice Ierulli and Mark Shnuriwsky have collaborated on many film and television productions over the past 19 years. They first worked together on an HBO production entitled “Shot Through the Heart” in 1998. In 2001, their hard work was rewarded with a Daytime Emmy Award for a Showtime production entitled “The Sandy Bottom Orchestra.” It was clear from the beginning that Janice and Mark shared a vision and strived to achieve excellence on each and every production they worked on. As their collaboration continued, their reputations grew stronger. So did their ambitions.

          In July 2010, the doors to JAM Post opened. They wanted to create a relaxed, comfortable and creative environment for picture and sound to work in unison. A place where they could uphold their high level of quality and integrity; better serve the needs of the producers, directors and picture editors while participating more fully in the creative process of post production.

          JAM Post is now known by many to be one of Canada’s best options for sound editing and sound design. Our team of highly-skilled, enthusiastic and talented individuals are committed to upholding our high standards of quality, skill and creativity. They share our pursuit of excellence and our core values.

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